sábado, 28 de febrero de 2015

Tucka Da Huntaman – Da Hunt Is On / Watch Your Back (VLS) (1995)


A1 Tucka Da Huntaman – Da Hunt is on (Radio)
A2 Tucka Da Huntaman – Da Hunt is on (Original)
A3 Tucka Da Huntaman – Da Hunt is on (Instrumental)
B1 Tucka Da Huntaman – Watch Your Back (Radio)
B2 Tucka Da Huntaman – Watch Your Back (Instrumental)
B3 Tucka Da Huntaman – Watch Your Back (Acappella)

T&K | C.R.E.M.A | Writting Classics (Random Track)

Nuevo video del material de T&K titulado CREMA, de su ultimo disco Writting Classics.
Dirigido, producido y editado por Jonathan Jones
instrumental UZL

New video material T & K titled CREAM, their last album Writting Classics. Directed, produced and edited by Jonathan Jones instrumental UZ Leuven

sábado, 14 de febrero de 2015

Troubleneck Brothers - Back To The Hip-Hop (vls 1994)


A1 Back To The Hip-Hop (Radio Edit)
A2 Back To The Hip-Hop (Street Edit)
A3 Back To The Hip-Hop (Instrumental)
A4 Back To The Hip-Hop (Acappella)
B1 Pure (Vocal)
B2 Pure (Instrumental)
B3 Pure (Acappella)
B4 Back To The Hip-Hop (Old School Mix)

miércoles, 11 de febrero de 2015

Mr. Doctor ‎– Bloccstyle 1995, Random track

Best Of Ghetto Dwellas Mixed By Dj Lenny D


2.Got The Flava Showbiz & AG, GD
3.Tramps Freestyle D Flow
4.Who The Dirtiest GD, AG
5.Flipshit AG, GD
6.Muddslide AG, GD
7.Ghetto Dwellas GD
8.ADD On Showbiz & AG, Lord Finesse, D Flow
9.Q & A Showbiz & AG, GD
10.Ridin And Rollin D Flow
11.Underground Life GD, Fat Joe
12.Holdin It Down Big L, Party Arty, AG
13.Get It Dusty AG, GD
14.Alota Love Party Arty
15.Neighborhood Sickness Showbiz & AG, GD
16.Everyday Party Arty
17.Make It Official GD
18."Tony Touch feat. D.I.T.C., Kid Capri & Party Artie" - The Club
19.God Made Dirt AG, GD
20.Get It Poppin AG, Party Arty
21.Don't Know Me D Flow
22.Hold It Down Party Arty, AG
23.Get Dirty GD, AG
24.Coolest Muthafuckas GD (Prod. Asmatik)
25.Nah Nigga GD, AG
26.Dirty Niggaz Hoof, GD, AG
27.Never Been Done Party Arty

domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015

Middle Ground - From the Ground Up (2005)

1. Excuses Vs. Results
2. The Struggle - Prime
3. City Life - Clew Rock
4. M. Ground
5. From the Streets - James Heated feat. Prime
6. Seriously
7. Who Want What - The S.I.T.H.
8. The Freshmen
9. Bllod In, Blood Out
10. Middle Children Interlude
11. Stuck In The Middle
12. Die Twice - Philosophy & Chekk
13. Keep Moving
14. Somehow, Someway Interlude
15. Jackson Hustle - Chekk
16. MGA (Middle Ground Anthem) - Prime, Curse, Clew Rock
17. Barbershop - Prime, Clew Rock, Juice
18. Ain't A Game

Prime ‎– The Optimus (2002) (Re-Upload)

1. Do What I Want
2. Mad Sick  [Featuring] – Pugzlee, Quel, Verbal
3. Prime Franchise [Featuring] – Pugslee Atomz
4. Family Ties (SunSong) [Featuring] – Metamo, Novacaine, Pugzlee, S.U.N.
5. Drop Shit
6. Backpacker Anthem [Featuring] – Pugzlee, Robust
7. Weird Science [Featuring] – Pugzlee, Quel, Verbal
8. Warning Shots [Featuring] – Pugzlee, Robust
9. Payback
10. Mathematics Freestyle  [Featuring] – Pugzlee, Robust
11. Guess What  [Featuring] – Robust, Seal
12. Face The Music [Featuring] – Pugzlee, Robust
13. Radio Freestyle [Featuring] – Alias, Jah Safe, Nick , Robust
14. Than Q's

Prime ‎– The Cleansing (2001)

1. Dedication
2. Life Sucks
3. Better Than You
4. 10 Battle Commandments
5. All Angles  [Featuring] – C-Rayz Walz, Gaston, Rise
6. Irony  [Featuring] – Pugslee Atomz, Seel, Verbal
7. Face The Music  [Featuring] – Scam Artists
8. Behind The Scenes  [Featuring] – Prism, Verbal
9. First Blood
10. That Shit [Featuring] – Diamond, Mic Chekk, Wordperphect
11. Remember The Name
12. Soldout [Featuring] – Keith Gamble
13. Whatuwannado '98
14. Instigators '98 [Featuring] – Matlock, Ndvisual
15. Running Ya Lip (I'm About)
16. Optimus Is Dead

Sesh ‎– Definition: S.E.S.H. (Vinyl 12") (1996)

A1. Definition: S.E.S.H. (Clean Sweep)
A2. Definition: S.E.S.H. (Instrumental)
A3. Definition: S.E.S.H. (Original A Cappella)
B1. Killa Ill (Street Version)
B2. Killa Ill (Instrumental)
B3. Battalion (Regiment Version)
B4. Battalion (Instrumental)

Sesh ‎– 4535 (1998)

1. Seshen
2. Champion Sounds
3. 4535
4. Tactics
5. Battalion
6. Hall Of Mirrorz
7. Interlude/Fatality
8. Trife
9. Circulation
10. Killa Ill
11. Capitol Gunhill
12. Strivensavive
13. Smokescreen
14. Definition: S.E.S.H.
15. Liberta (Freedom)