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martes, 10 de octubre de 2017

Big Twins & DJ Skizz - Billy Ocean (2017)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: USA

1. Thun Did It (Intro)
2. Billy Martin Rap
3. More Than Money feat. Fashawn
4. Dark Nights
5. Keith Sweat Murda Muzik feat. Conway
6. Celebrate feat. Royal Flush
7. Wild! feat. Chinky
8. Now Or Never

jueves, 27 de abril de 2017

Big Twins - Tg1 Mixtape (Hosted by Dj Wool)

1.Intro feat. Pryvet Peepsho produced by Dj Woool
2.Can't Get Enough feat. Nature & F T produce by Marco Polo
3.Complex feat Pryvet Peepsho produced by Dj Woool
4.- New Infamous Mobb feat. Godfather Part III produced Sid Roams
5.- Big Dreams produced by Dj Woool
6.- Hard feat. Roc C produced by Think
7.- You Got It feat. XP produced by State Of The Art
8.- WHY produced by Dj Woool
9.- Power Is Everything feat. Mr. Bars produced by Kistor
10.- Bigger U Are The Harder U Fall feat. Alchemist & Planet Asia produced by Alchemist
11.- Real Life feat Pryvet Peepsho produced by Dj Woool
12.- Posion produced by Dj Skizz
13.- Cold Summer feat. Popoff produced by Max Dollas
14.- We Spazz feat. Ag Da Coroner produced by Dj Woool
15.- Way Back feat. XP produce by AlphaGensis
16.- Hood Stories feat. Illa Ghee produced by Dj Woool
17.- QB Allstars feat. Craig G, Cormega, & Nature produced by Dj Skizz
18.- Where You From feat. Raekwon produced by Dj Woool listen download
19.- True Story produced by Dj Woool
20.- Hood On The Map feat. Big Noyd produced by Rheezo
21.- Fuck All Ya produced by Alchemist
22.- R.I.P feat. Realm Reality & Killah Priest produced by Dj Woool
23.- Down To Ride feat. Maintain & Foul produced by Dj Woool
24.- Something Real feat. XP produced by Sid Roams
25.- You Don't Want It feat. Crime Luciano produced by Dj Woool
26.- Block Holiday feat. Prodigal Sunn produced by Dj BOriginal
27.- Paranoid feat. Realm Reality produced by Dj Woool
28.- Blood Bath feat. Roc C produced Sid Roams
29.- Hypnotize produced by Dj Duke
30.- Chasing Cash produced by Dj Woool

miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

Big Twins - My Enterprise (2016)

Quality: 320 Kbps Location: Queensbridge,New York - USA
1. My Enterprise
2. My Enterprise (Remix Version)
3. My Enterprise (Instrumental)
4. My Enterprise (Remix Instrumental)

sábado, 15 de noviembre de 2014

sábado, 19 de julio de 2014

Big Twins - The Project Kid (2009) [Flac + 320]


1. Welcome To... Queensbridge Houses
2. Intro (Feat. DJ Babu from Dilated Peoples) (Produced By Sid Roams)
3. Smart Niggaz (Feat. Krondon) (Produced By Alchemist)
4. When I Say G (Feat. Blaq Mobb) (Produced By Jake One)
5. Get 'Em (Feat. Dog from ACD) (Produced By Sid Roams)
6. Interlude
7. Trip Thru The PJ's (Produced By Sid Roams)
8. Bacon & Cheese (Feat. Prodigy) (Produced By Sid Roams)
9. Wanna Be Down (Produced By Alchemist)
10. The Project Kid (Produced By Havoc)
11. How I Feel... (Feat. Un Pacino & Boogz from Hard White) (Produced By Jake One)
12. Just Don't Give A Fuck (Produced By Sid Roams)
13. Can't Call It (Feat. V12) (Produced By Sid Roams)
14. Drop 'Em Off (Feat. Prodigy) (Produced By Sid Roams)
15. When I Walk Away (Feat. Alchemist) (Produced By Alchemist)
16. Number One (Feat. Prodigy) (Bonus Track) (Produced By Havoc)
17. Thunn Street (Feat. Chinky) (Bonus Track) (Produced By Sid Roams)

FLAC                                  320Kbps

viernes, 21 de junio de 2013

Big Twins (of Infamous Mobb) - The Infamous QB - On the Grill (2013)



01. This Is My Life 2:56
02. Infamous S**t 2:45
03. The World Make Me Sick 2:39
04. People Gonna Die 3:08
05. Mind Over Matter (feat. G.O.D Part III & Blitz) 3:46
06. Guns Come Up (feat. Eva, Harmzavelli & Black Box) 3:06
07. Thats Paper 3:12
08. Big Bizness (feat. Mike Delorean) 3:14 
09. N**az Know How We Do (feat. Rich Men) 4:01
10. We Dont Stop (feat. Tymaxx) 3:49
11. Hood on the Map (feat. Big Noyd) 2:52
12. Whats Going On (feat. Tymaxx, Mr Bars, Mike Delorean, Sabotage 16's, G.O.D Part III & Chinky) 


sábado, 23 de marzo de 2013

Dj Boriginal & Big Twins (Infamous Mobb) - Thrive (2013)


1. DJ B.Original Intro 
2. Friends and Biz Don't Mix 
3. Hood on The Map 
4. Savage 
5. Something Heavy - ft. Xp 
6. Never Sleep 
7. On The Corner - ft. Freddie Gibbs, Tri-State, Planet Asia 
8. Go Fly 
9. The Foulness - ft. Killa Sha 
10. Everyday - ft. Phil Da Agony 
11. Don't Like A Nigga 
12. Back Fo Another - ft. XP 
13. We Got That - ft The A-Team 
14. Money Like an Arab - ft. Agallah 
15. Infamous - ft. Prodigy 
16. Not Leaving - ft. Gangrene 
17. Neva Ran Neva Will - ft. J. Hood 
18. Summer Time - ft. XP, Mike Storm 
19. Big Twin Outro