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domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2017

Mood Ruff - Fluid (Tape) (1996)

Quality: 320 Kbps – Location: Canada

Mood Ruff was a conscious hip-hop group hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. The group consisted of Odario, Spitz, Breakz, and ICQRI. Their final album I Do My Own Stunts, was released in 2005, contained their first hit, “Rocketship”.

Odario and Spitz, met at Kelvin High School in Winnipeg. In the early 1990s the two members started recording their first demos on a karaoke machine in Spitz’s basement. They first started playing their music live in 1994, in small clubs around Toronto. “We were playing at this club called the 360 in Toronto and there were all of nine people there, five of which were from Winnipeg” says Odario about one of their very first live shows. They also toured with punk and funk bands.

A1. Renaissance
A2. Avenue
A3. Inquisition
A4. Mr. Bailey’s Coffee Break
A5. Hits & Daydreams
B6. Braggin’ & Boastin’
B7. Land Of 1000
B8. Funk Funk
B9. Tunnel’s End
B10. Front From The Past (Pt. 1)

sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2016

Tony Touch - Hip Hop 1 (1991)


Side A:

01. Jose Alberto - Bailemos Otra Vez 
02. Caron Wheeler - Living In The Night
03. Loose Ends - Don't Be A Fool
04. Def Jef - Back To The Future
05. Kool G Rap - It's A Demo (inst)
06.  Suzane Vega - Tom's Dinner (Cut-Up)
07. 3RD Bass - Product Of  The Env
08. EPMD - Funky Piano
09. YZ - Thing Of A Mass
10. Special Ed - I'm Special Ed

Side B:

01. BDP - The Brigde Is Over
02. Run DMC - The Funhouse Live
03. Special Ed - Come On Loos Move It
04. Chubb Rock - Organize
05. EPMD - Im Mad
06. King Of Swing  - Nod Your Head To His 
07. B.R.T.H.E.R. - 16Th Daredevil
08. Big Daddy Kane - Hard Be The Kane
09. Master Ace - Letter To The Better
10. A. Myers - A Wanna Thank You
11. Chubb Rock - Treat Me Right
12. C&C Music Factory - Everybody Dance Now
13. Big Daddy Kane - R.A.W.
14. SOS Band - Just Be Good To Me (Touch Mix)
15. Nardo Ranks - Burrrrrrr
16. Booming System

lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016

Blaq Poet - Looking for Trouble (Limited Edition Cassette) (2013) (Re-Upload)


1. Looking for Trouble (Album Version) [feat. Vinnie Paz, Spit Gemz & Chino XL]
2 .Looking for Trouble (Clean)
3.Looking for Trouble (Instrumental)
4. Drunk & High (Album Version)
5.Looking for Trouble (Stu Bangas Remix)
6. Looking for Trouble 04:11 (Stu Bangas Remix Instrumental)

jueves, 18 de febrero de 2016

Rubberoom ‎– Gothic Architecture (Tape) (1994)


A1. The Fanum Is Evil
A2. Synapse Gap  Scratches – DJ 33 1/3
A3. Highnoon
A4. Beneath The Surface
A5. Loft Music
A6. Body Snatch'n (On The Isle)
B1. Buckwild
B2. Breakout
B3. Stacks Of 45's
B4. The Pit  [Featuring] – Gravity

miércoles, 10 de febrero de 2016

Awkward Why? ‎– Six Bubbles (Cassette) (1998) (Re-Upload)

192 Kbps

Why1. A-Firmation
Why2. Unexpected Texture
Why3. Scott Free Featuring – Sir Syntax (The Modern Myth)
Why4. Battlestar Galactica
Why5. How Could You Be So Nasty?
Why6. No Idea
?1. Awkworlds Intro
?2. Spontaneous Combustion
?3. Anti-Matter
?4. Sound Advice  Featuring – Korry Deez
?5. J-StaRRRrrr!!!
?6. Awkword

Hidden Track

7. Six Bubbles

jueves, 28 de mayo de 2015

Beanz ‎– Tape Feast (Tape) (1999)

192 KBPS

British Hip-Hop producer and D.J. Member of Bristol groups, Transcript Carriers, Parlour Talk, Undivided Attention and Wordsworth Surgery.

A1. Style Graft  Producer [Beats], Rap [Lyrics] – Phono Veins
A2. Mars Attacks  Producer [Beats] – Nick Fury  [Lyrics] – Fog Scratch Leg
A3. Back Room Mic Antics [Lyrics] – Kelz
A4. Urban Myths  [Lyrics] – Bubberlouie, El Eye, Deed, Probe Mantis  Scratches [Cuts] – Finestyler, Frikshun
A5. The Underestimated  [Lyrics] – Turroe
B1. Extracts Taken From Minutes Of The International Conference For Rhyme Development [Lyrics] – Majesta  Scratches [Cuts] – Frikshun
B2. Down & Out (On Tape) / Shindig   [Lyrics] – Deed* Spye
B3. Multi-Purpose Rhythmic Equation  Producer [Beats], Rap [Lyrics] – Awkward
B4. Indecent Exposure  [Lyrics] – El Eye, Probe Mantis
B5. Nothing Remains  Producer [Beats], Scratches [Cuts] – Jay Le Surgeon [Lyrics] – Rolar

miércoles, 29 de abril de 2015

The Grouch – Nothing Changes (Tape) (1996)

A1. Language Barrier  Scratches – Eclipse 427
A2. The March [Featuring] – Eligh
A3. Grouch's Prayer
A4. Civilizations Stuck In Time  Featuring] – BFAP
A5. Get It Right
A6. Plan In Effect [Featuring] – Eligh, Tunes
A7. Think Twice
B1. Take Your Marks
B2. Land Ho [Featuring] – Eclipse 427, PSC
B3. Rap Is Senseless
B4. Torture
B5. Car Troubles (Part 2)  [Featuring] – Kirby Dominant, Shing02
B6. Sands Of Life
B7. The Enchanted [Featuring] – PSC

The Grouch – Don't Talk To Me (Tape) (1995)

A1. Roll Call
A2. Mr. Invisible
A3. To Die For [Featuring] – PSC
A4. Car Troubles Pt.1
A5. The Afterlife
A6. A Splendid Excursion
B1. Disappointments
B2. Stormy Weather
B3. Oh
B4. A World Unknown [Featuring] – Vision
B5. Never Look Back

DJ EV & Stretch Armstrong ‎– Back 2 Back (Tape) (1996)

EV Side.....

1. DJ EV - Intro
2. Ghost Face Killah - The Sky's High
3. Erick Sermon, Trigga, Heltah Skeltah & OGC - If You Don't Know
4. Dr. Dre, KRS 1 , B Real & Nas - East Coast/ West Coast Killas
5. Jeru Da Damaja - One Day
6. M.O.P. & Kool G. Rap - Stick 2 Ya Gunz
7. Akinyele - FUck Me 4 Free
8. Def Squad - Freestyle
9. Trigga Da Gambla - D.V. Alias Christ   Freestyle
10. Capone -N- Noreaga  - Illigal Life
11. Ghostface, Raekwon & Cappucino - Daytona 5000
12. Keith Murray, Erick Sermon, Busta Rhymes, Jamal & Redman - Yeah Y'all
13. M.O.P. - Crime Time
14. D'Angelo & Redman  - Dreamin Eyes
15. Lil' Kim & Biggie - Stay That Bitch
Stretch Side.....

1. Noreaga . Live From Iraq
2. Jeru - You Playin' Yaself
3. Lil' Kim & Lil' Cease  - Big Momma Thing Remix
4. Big Noyd & Mobb Deep - Usual Suspect
5. Capone -N- Noreaga & Tragedy - Stick U
6. M.O.P.  - Brownsville
7. Raekwon & Ghostface - Rainy Dayz Pt. 2
8. Kool G. Rap, Akinyele & Grimm - Raw Dogs
9. Mobb Deep  - Drop A Gem On 'Em
10. M.O.P. - Downtown Swinga '96
11. Akinyele - Freaky Deaky
12. Pete Rock & Tragedy - Strange Fruit
13. Originoo Gun Clappaz - Steppin Hotter

miércoles, 28 de enero de 2015

Da Basement Society - Raw Power Move (Unreleased Tape) (1995)

A1. Raw Power Move
A2. You Must've Forgot
A3. Headcrack

Da Basement Society ‎– Who Downstairs? (Tape) (1994)

A1. Straight Out Da Basement '94
A2. Dat's Da Biscuit
A3. Backstage Pass
A4. Payin 'Em
B1. 24th Street
B2. Pass Da Bat
B3. This Is Just A Shout Out
B4. Dat's Da Biscuit (Remix)

miércoles, 17 de diciembre de 2014

Freakin' Inglish -The Rhyme Wrecka EP (Tape) (1993)


1. Rhyme Wrecka
2. A-Dorable
3. Fill
4. Victim
5. Rhyme Wrecka (Respect To Nige
6. Phat 'n' All That Outro
7. Rhyme Wrecka (Early Version)

viernes, 12 de diciembre de 2014

Wreckhard - Liquid EP (Tape) (1998) (Re-Upload)


01. Northern Invasion 
02. Skill-it (A Lokey Solo Joint) 
03. Cyphernetics 
04. Deja Vu 
05. Good Fellas 
06. Smell The Smoke (A Bailey Solo Joint)
07. Wreckhard 101

lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

DJ Poska ‎– What's The Flavor ? "The Show Radio" Vol. 1 - Freestyle Anthology (Tape) (2001)


Face A (44:15)

A1. DJ Poska- Intro What's The Flavor ?
A2. Saïan Supa Crew
A3. Jacky & Ben-J
A4. K-D-D
A5. X-Men & Ghetto Diplomats
A6. Dabaaz
A7. Cocoa Brovaz
A8. Choclair
A9. Rohff
A10. L'S-Kadrille & Marginal 
A11. Disiz La Peste & Eloquence
A12. Expression Direct
A13. Kalash

Face B (44:55)

B1. Endo & Eloquence & Mass
B2. Faf La Rage & Shurik'n
B3. Sniper
B4. Fabe, Mokless
B5. Afro Jazz
B6. Pit Baccardi
B7. Dilated Peoples
B8. Lords Of The Underground
B9. Mystik
B10. N-A-P
B11. 357 Squad
B12. Puzzle
B13. Abuz